Land Use & Municipal Permitting

It’s not always easy for developers or land owners to build new structures or make changes to existing property – even when those plans would clearly benefit the community at large. Similarly, preserving historic structures, maintaining some control over municipal growth, and seeing that community standards are respected are all legitimate goals that should not be overlooked.

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Attorney Griffin has been helping real estate clients in the Greater Newburyport area since 1996. As a result, he has come to know the area extremely well. The Law Office of Mark W. Griffin, P.C., is thoroughly familiar with local zoning and land use ordinances. We attend meetings of local boards on a routine basis. Whatever your particular land use concern involves, we are ready to assist you.

Our land use and municipal permitting practice includes:

• Zoning variances
• Special permits for use
• Public board representation
• Boundary disputes
• Administrative appeals
• Zoning enforcement
• Grandfathering issues
• Rezoning requests
• Subdivisions

Local counsel

On a number of occasions we have served as local counsel to out-of-town developers and law firms representing outside interests in local zoning and land use matters.

For examples of cases like these and more please visit our Projects Page here.