Condominium Conversions

Converting a building to individual condominium units can become very complex. The wants and needs of each unit owner must be addressed, and the process can involve multiple professionals – most likely an architect, a developer and a surveying team. The Law Office of Mark W. Griffin has deep experience in Condominium Formation and Conversion, and we will guide you through all the necessary processes.

Converting Multifamily Units into Condominiums

This process involves working with the developer, the surveyor and the architect to develop governing condominium documents to serve the needs of the project. Our staff will:

• Prepare all of the documents necessary for the formation/conversion process.
• Set up condo by-laws, or make amendments to existing rules.
• Evaluate existing by-laws and advise you on their legal merits.
• Make sure that all details have been covered to protect your interests for years to come.
• Provide counsel and representation as needed.
Liability of Trustees

Under Massachusetts law, the board of trustees for any condominium’s homeowners association has a number of duties to perform. They must keep accurate records and meet regularly to make decisions on common regulations and the unit owners’ responsibilities and rights. Sometimes there are disputes, and the trustees may worry that their actions in this capacity might be ruled improper in court and they might be held liable. If you have any such concerns, call on the Law Office of Mark W. Griffin for advice.

Condo Collection

Another function of the board of trustees is to collect condo fees from the unit owners. When someone has not paid their dues or other fees, we are here to help. Our services include:

• Collection calls
• Enforcement of fines
• Condominium lien proceedings